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“A lawyer that really cares.  Karen is not only most knowledgeable; she is genuine and truly pleasant to talk with. The paperwork that she worked on for me was composed in a well-meaning, yet very firm and convincing way. The advice that she gives is well-informed and easy to understand. She is the only attorney in whose presence I don’t feel intimidated. Excellent and caring professional!”

“Karen is not only an excellent attorney; she is also a beautiful in-heart person.

Karen Kugler is the best attorney that I could have. I would say I was so lucky that I met her years ago. I met her at the place that she volunteered. When I first met her, my divorce case was over but settled in an absolute unfair settlement. My case was truly not an easy case to work with. However, step by step, and finally, Karen successfully helped me to resolve all unfortunate problems. Karen is not only a good attorney; she is also a beautiful in-heart person.”  Hennepin County Client

“Karen is extremely knowledgeable in family law. In my court case the referee stated that her written argument enlighten him to on the issue. She is well respected by the court. She is understanding to the flaws of the system and will not tell you what you want to hear, she will give you the facts and not sugar coat it. She is honest and fair. I have had dealings with family law attorneys and Karen clearly sets the bar high for her peers.”  Ramsey County Client

“I’ve been honored to have you as my attorney and to get to know you over the years as well. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me!”  Ramsey County Client

“What you started by standing up for me was absolutely incredible…. I’m just not used to such kindness in my life and am thankful for it.”  Hennepin County Client